updns Android Setup

Use the updns DoH service with your Android device to reduce the tracking of your mobile apps and protect against DNS analysis from your Internet service provider.

Basic Setup with Google's Jigsaw Intra App

1. Install the Jigsaw Intra App on your Android device

2. Change the Intra DoH Server to https://adfree.usableprivacy.net/query

3. Verify Intra is working with the updns DoH service

Verify advertising and tracker domains are filtered

The updns service responds with for filtered domains.

In the following screenshot you see that Snapchat App Analytics is blocked by the updns DoH server.

Our adfree DoH server works best against tracking by mobile apps. DNS-based blocking is very coarse-grained. We therefore recommend you use browsers with blocking extensions and use our DNS service primarily to counter mobile app tracking. You can exclude e.g. your mobile browser from Intra:

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